About us

Pets Quality is specialised in the sale of animals and animal supplies to business customers throughout Europe. We supply products to shops, internet shops, professional breeders and other sort like companies. We do not supply products to individuals, if you are interested in our products please contact us for information about our distributors.

As our business name states we are a supplier of high quality pet products. We supply products from various brands, like Exo-Terra, Repashy Superfoods and Solar Raptor. Next to products from different commercial brands we also offer products of our own brand. These products exist of animal bedding, terrariums/aquarium and many different pet supplies.

We are also a supplier of live animals and plants. Also with these products we strive to offer the highest quality possible. The animals offer by us are mainly captive bred animals, mainly because in this way we can best guarantee the quality of the animals. However we do receive imported animals on a regular basis. These animals will be threated against parasites and diseases upon arrival. After this the animals are quarantined for an extended period of time before the animals are offered to our customers.

If you, our your company, is interested in our products please contact us for additional information and excess to our online order system.