Ordering & Delivery

In case you are interested in our products we welcome you to contact us and request for your personal login account to our web shop. To request for an account please send an email to our address: info@pets-quality.nl. Don’t forget to mention your full company details and VAT-number when you first contact us.

We try to deliver the best possible service to our costumers. One of these special services are the many different delivery methods. The following methods are available; package service, pallet service, animal transport.

Zone 1: United Kingdom, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Czechia
Zone2: Spain, Italy, Sweden,  Finland, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia
Zone3: Portugal, Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania
* No fixed price know, please contact us for the possibilities.
** Attention: in some cases different prices and conditions are implemented.

Package Service: This is mainly interested in case you placed a smaller order with products that are small and best transferred by postal services. This method is fast and relative cheap. This delivery method provides our costumers with the opportunity to place smaller order more frequent, that will be delivered to you in short period of time. * Not all our products can be shipped by package service. Excluded are animals, terrarium and onther large fragile products.

Pallet Service: Some large products cannot be shipped by normal transport. For these products it is often possible to deliver them by our pallet service. The products are safely transported on a pallet and delivered to your door. This delivery method is ideal for terrariums and large packages of substrate.

Animal Transport: With our Expres delivery it is possible to deliver animals to you within a guaranteed 24hrs. The animals are transported in styroporboxes and if neccesary included with heat packs. In some cases it is, due to weather circumstances, not possible to tranport animals. In these cases we will contact you. 

Pickup at business/location: Incase you desire to pick up your products at our business location this is also possible. For this please contacts us to schedule an appointment. Do you wish to receive your products on another location? This is also possible. We are often represented on fairs around Europe. If  you wish to pick up your products at one of these fairs we suggest that you contact us in time to reserve your required products.